A.Posse X Zac Miller: The Vessel

A few weeks back my friend Zac wanted to go out and take some photos and test out his new toy, the Sony Alpha 6500 camera.  I was more than down as Zac is an amazing up and coming photographer and we needed more content.  Some places were discussed but we knew we had to hop over New York's latest landmark, the Vessel (I'm not really feeling this name btw).  

Hudson Yard was recently opened to much fanfare and the Vessel was the centerpiece next to the mall and the new art gallery (aptly named "The Shed").  All in all they did a fantastic job with the area.  It was the perfect location and I think we got some amazing photos from it.  Definitely enjoy them below and if you haven't been to the Vessel yet, put it on your list!


The Vessel NYCA.Posse Lennox (black) at the VesselA.Posse Lennox (wolfgrey) at the Vessel NYC, Hudson Yard

The Vessel New York stairs

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