A Posse Ad Esse
From possibility to actuality.
 Steve Sung A.Posse Founder
“I wanted people to embrace not having the same items as everyone else” 

Stephen Sung, Founder.

From Possibility

A.Posse began its development in 2012, but existed far before within the mind of New York City native Stephen Sung. Since the age of 8, Steve had an interest for style that resonated within his self-taught illustrations. These early years of creative pursuits eventually lead to his love for sneakers and the emerging city culture around it. From this point until his early adulthood, this passion shaped his innate understanding for footwear. In his early 20s, Steve began an occupation to design and develop luxury jewelry products, but after 8 years his focus shifted back to footwear due to personal dissatisfaction with the existing market.

To Actuality

In the fall of 2013, A.Posse launched in NYC as an independent brand with the goal to bring footwear back to basics using clean and simple designs constructed by artisans made from genuine leathers. Each sneaker differs in tone, style, and character to cater to the maturing sneakerheads’ growing palate, while still possessing the familiarity of the kicks they grew up loving and cherishing. As an embodiment of contemporary city chic, styles are connected and named after notable areas of NYC.

Your Difference

Durability, quality, and versatility of a product are not defined by the brand, it is defined by the product itself. The men’s footwear spectrum primarily consists two variations of sneakers: performance athletics composed mainly of low-quality synthetic materials, and alternatively, overpriced high-end sneakers that are intended to solely capture momentary trends. A.Posse is a brand that focuses on the product first by utilizing the best resources. All sneakers are carefully handcrafted in Portugal with materials from premium leather tanneries in Europe, assuring each style will age gracefully with wear. Accessibility is one of the cornerstones of our ethos, whereas in a traditional retail model consumers are typically overcharged. By building a simplistic, modern online platform we are able to bring the fundamentals of A.Posse directly to you.